Solar Enviro is the leading supplier of filtration and fertigation equipments for drip irrigation system in Pune Maharashtra India. The water that is available for farming comes from either bore well or dams & canals. Such water is not pure. It is contaminated physically, chemically & biologically; it has lot of impurities and hence filtration is required. without which the diffuser, emitters may clog. We provide Filtration and Fertigation Equipments which prevent the irrigation system from clogging. While sand separators remove the silt & sand from the water, the media filters remove organic impurities like algae, trash and leaves from water. Screen filters remove any physical impurities from water. here are few highlights of filtration equipments for drip irrigation system supplied by us.

Filtration and Fertigation Equipments for Drip Irrigation Systems

Solar Enviro is supplier of wide range of high quality filtration and fertigation equipments for drip irrigation system in Pune, Maharashtra, India; we cater to Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra (India). We help in need evaluation, design, installation and configuration of filtration and fertigation equipments which are part of drip irrigation system. Few such equipments are…

  • Compact models equiped with filtration system
  • Electronic dosing Fertilizer pumps
  • ECP/pH sensors are also incorporated in the system
  • Dosing based on EC / pH
  • Fertigation based on time, volume or sensor basis


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