Solar Enviro is the leading supplier of Drip Irrigation Systems with a vast experience of 20+ years of supplying, installing and maintaining drip irrigation systems for various purposes like agriculture, horticulture, landscape, greenhouse etc.

Drip irrigation is a technique of providing controlled water supply to the root system of plants or crops. In this technique, water is dripped on the surface of the land which is above the roots. Drip irrigation yields more and saves water as water evaporation is minimum in case of drip irrigation.

A complete assembly of different components & equipments to achieve drip irrigation is called drip irrigation system. Such components & equipments include drip liners, drippers, pumps, filters, pipes, emitters, valves, jets, foggers, spray heads, sprinklers, Filtration and Fertigation Equipments etc.

Few of the advantages of Drip Irrigation Systems over conventional irrigation are…
– Achieves water use efficiency up to 85%
– Doubling the irrigation area with available water.
– Land acquisition is not necessary
– Increased cropping intensity resulting higher agri production
– Significant reduction of cost of irrigation per acre
– Energy saving upto 40%
– Higher productivity, lower operational cost
– Maintains soil quality
– Lower repair and maintenance cost
– Higher income for farmers
– Reduced implementation time

In the capacity of supplier of Drip Irrigation Systems, Solar Enviro deals in drip irrigation systems of Jain, Hunter, Rainbird.

Our major installations of drip irrigation systems include – Turf Club Pune, Podar International School Pune, Agricultural College Pune, SSPMS Pune, K Raheja Constructions Pune, Golf Club of Blue Ridge Pune, MCA Cricket Ground Mhalunge Pune, Rise n Shine Floriculture & Tissue Culture Lab, Sunny’s World Resorts, Large Scale Farms (Banana, Pomegranate, Mango, Cashew Nut, Grapes, Cotton, All Vegetables) in all over Maharashtra, India.

The cost of drip irrigation systems provided by us is always affordable; we deliver value for every rupee spent by our customer.


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