Solar Enviro is the leading supplier of Walk-in tunnel type greenhouses in Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. In case of walk-in-tunnels greenhouses, the length of greenhouse is generally 25 to 30 meters and this can be extended to some extent. The length of the tunnel is decided based on the factors like measurement of plastic sheets covering the greenhouse, the exchange of air that can circulate in the tunnel and convenience to pollinating bees. Walk-in-tunnels type greenhouses are very affordable in terms of construction cost and maintenance. Such greenhouses can be used for cultivation of fruits, vegetables and crops. These structures can be used on plain areas as well as mountain areas. (group company of Samartha Greentech) is supplier of greenhouses and have even constructed polyhouses in Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra and in other states of India.

The general sizes and specifications of Walk-in tunnel greenhouses are…

  • Span – 6m, 8m, 9. m.
  • Center height – 2.5m to 4m.
  • Structure – Available in GI tubular structure. Two sides Roll Up Curtains.
  • Covering – UV stabilized, IR, anti fog, anti dust, diffused or clear, anti sulphur Polyethylene film, 200 micro thick.
  • Insect net 40/50 mesh below curtain
  • Shade net / Thermal net 50% or 60 % or 70% can be provided as per requirement.
  • Cooling System – Exhaust fan, cooling pad
  • Humidity control – Fogging system

Samartha Greentech (the holding company of is principal supplier of walk-in tunnel greenhouses in Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra and other parts of India. If you are looking for supplier or vendor for construction of walk-in tunnel greenhouses, please do write us at or feel free to call on +91-9822001692.


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