We are the leading suppliers of Sprinklers for Drip Irrigation Systems in Pune, Maharashtra (India). We have variety of Jets, Foggers, Spray Heads and Sprinklers for Drip Irrigation for different purposes, applications and crops at most affordable price. We supply such components for Drip Irrigation in all over India including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab & Haryana. The overall effectiveness of any drip irrigation system depends on the quality of components like Sprinklers for Drip Irrigation, drip irrigation Jets, Foggers, Spray Heads, drippers, drip lines, drip pipes, drip filters, drip emitters used in the irrigation system. With our 20+ years of experience in drip irrigation industry, we have deep expertise in choosing right Jets, Foggers, Spray Heads for a specific drip irrigation system.

Sprinklers are available in two major types – Overhead Sprinklers, Landscape Popup Sprinklers & Rainport Sprinklers. In general, sprinklers are specifically designed to keep the low cost and high performance and is used for economic irrigation systems. Highly corrosion-resistant metals / alloys are used to produce these sprinklers; this insures long life and low maintenance. Our range of overhead sprinkler include small nozzle size, low flow rate, large nozzle size, with high flow rate Sprinklers.

We deal in all types of components required for drip irrigation systems. We supply and use drip irrigation components (including drip irrigation sprinklers etc) of world renowned companies like Jain Irrigation, Hunter, Rainbird. We supply drip irrigation system for landscapes, agriculture, golf etc in Pune, Maharashtra or for that matter anywhere in India.

The price of the overall drip irrigation system and the components like drip irrigation sprinklers depend on the area of landscape or plantations and the complexity of the project.


Turbo Jet Patterns

Mini Spray Jet Pattern

Color of cap Pattern, deg
Black 360
Yellow 270
Terracotta 180
Orange 60 x 2
Brown 140 x 2


Rainport Sprinkler Systems is a mini irrigation system i.e. laterals and sprinklers can be easily shifted from one place to other. Reinstallation of the system is also easy and consumes less time and labour.

J-Mini Sprinkler

  • High distribution uniformity
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in 85,110, 140 and 180 lph for Rainport system
  • Can be installed in 10×10 feet, 12×12 feet

5022 U

  • Plastic Impact Sprinkler
  • Easily changeable nozzle
  • Available in 360 to 560 lph discharge.
  • Can be installed 30×30 feet to 40×40 feet

5022 – SDU

  • Low pressure operating pressure, 1.5 kg/cm2
  • ½” Sprinkler with Super Diffuser (SD). A novel idea of dynamic jet breaking which gives high distribution uniformity.
  • Available in 2.5×1.8 and 2.8 x 1.8mm standard nozzles. Other nozzle sizes available on demand.
  • Resistant to Wind Drift

Super 10

  • Ball driven sprinkler
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Three nozzles for uniform distribution
  • Available in 360 to 750 lph discharge.
  • Can be installed 30×30 feet to 40×40 feet

Bird Proof sprinkler adaptor


  • ½” Slow Speed Sprinkler (with Silicone bearing)
  • Available in 90,150 and 240 (swivels) stream angles
  • Variety of Nozzles with each Swivel (Ref Chart)
  • Flow Rates : 70 to 360 lph
  • Operating Pressure: 2.0 to 3.5 bar
  • Unique Swivel : Flat top to avoid snail and larve problems


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