Poly tunnels are used to create more than average temperature level & higher humidity level than the average outside temperature and humidity. On the other hand, if temperature levels outside are higher than average, such poly tunnels can keep the inside temperature levels low and thus protect the plants from heavy sunlight, temperature and severe winds as well. Thus, they provide controlled atmosphere to the plants so as to ensure healthy growth. As a result, you can grow the crops (vegetables, horticulture) in peak-season as well as in the off-season. Poly tunnels are majorly used in nursery and floriculture. Costs of Poly tunnel greenhouses are moderate and the ROI is quite lucrative.

The general sizes and specifications of poly tunnel greenhouses are…

  • Span – 8m, 9m, 10m.
  • Gutter height – 3m, 3.5m, 4m.
  • Structure – Available in GI tubular structure. Two sides Roll Up Curtains.
  • Covering – UV stabilized, IR, anti fog, anti dust, diffused or clear, anti sulphur Polyethylene film, 200 micro thick.
  • Insect net 40/50 mesh below curtains.
  • Shade net / Thermal net 50% or 60 % or 70% can be provided as per requirement.
  • Heating System – Electrically operated air heating system.
  • Humidity control – Fogging system

Samartha Greentech (the holding company of is principal supplier of poly tunnel greenhouses in Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra and other states in India. If you are looking for supplier or vendor for construction of poly tunnel greenhouses, please do write us at or feel free to call on +91-9822001692.


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