We are the leading suppliers of Pipes & Fittings for Drip Irrigation in Pune, Mumbai (Maharashtra). we have variety of Pipes & Fittings for Drip Irrigation at most affordable price. We supply such Pipes, Fittings for Drip Irrigation in all over India including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab & Haryana.

In any modern drip irrigation system, PVC plastic pipes and pipe fitting contribute major role in the success of overall system. Such pipes and fittings for drip irrigation systems are available in wide range and are suitable for different applications. Our Piping Systems may be installed on ground, can be laid underground, can be slip lined or trench less or may be floating and submerged. The PVC Plastic pipes are used for flow, transportation, distributing of Water, waste water, compressed gas or air, odorous and corrosives, chemicals and hazardous wastes. On the other hand, the Solid carried out in the pipes includes coal ash, slurries, sand and cables. The rightly specified and excellent quality pipes and fittings used in the drip irrigation system ensures the success of the system.


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