Greenhouse Irrigation is the modern concept in agricultural development. Solar Enviro is the leading supplier of Greenhouse Irrigation systems in Pune, Maharashtra India. We have variety of Greenhouse Irrigation systems for for different purposes, applications and crops at most affordable price. We supply such Greenhouse Irrigation systems in all over India including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab & Haryana. When quality of crop (be it vegetables or fruits) is prime objective, investment is done in Greenhouse Irrigation. This happens in case of export oriented crops.

Greenhouse Irrigation

Climate Control

The Fogger and Super Fogger systems achieve optimal control of humidity and cooling in the greenhouse. This low-pressure system requires only 4.0 bar at the fogger inlet. The concept is based on natural air exchange and circulation. (The use of fans for circulation can improve results, but they’re not a must). Temperature reduction is up to 100 C at hot dry days.

Overhead Irrigation in Green House

Total coverage irrigation:

5035 – Plastic Impact Sprinkler

  • Light weight, compact and robust design.
  • Less Theft, Vandalism problem.
  • High impact heavy-duty plastic materials provide resistance to corrosion, chemicals and UV radiation.
  • Full/Part circle plastic impact sprinklers, 3/4″ male
  • High distribution uniformity.
  • Colour-coded bayonet nozzle for easy service.
  • Integrated stream-straightening vane for maximum range.

233 B AF – Anti Frost Metal Impact Sprinkler

  • Specially designed for frost protection. The top cap completely seals and protects the sprinkler from frost damage.
  • Interchangable bayonet nozzles.
  • Heavy duty metal frame.
  • Integrated stream-straightening vane for maximum range.

Quick Connect – Single Metal Clamp

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Available in 75, 90 and 110mm sizes.
  • Maximum pressure rating 4 kg/cm2


  • Available in ¾”, 1″, 1¼”, 1½” and 2″ sizes.
  • Suction rate from 40 lph to 1900 lph
  • Operates at minimum differential pressure.

Clean Master Dual Chamber Filter

  • Dual chamber design backwash through filtered water.
  • Available in manual, semi auto and automatic mode.
  • Maximum pressure rating 8 kg/cm2.
  • Presently available in 100 m3/hr flow rate.

Super Flow Gold

  • Ribbed body construction, designed to withstand water hammer and surges in the pipe line.
  • Strong and smooth opening, drip-tight, stainless steel clamp closure.
  • Available in 2″, 2 ½”and 3″ inlet & outlet and flow rates of 25, 30, 40 and 50 m3/hr.
  • Optional two outlet positions facilitates installation in angular or straight fashion.
  • Available in Super flow plus – screen filter and Disclean PL – Disc filter model.

Super Flow Plus Silver

  • Ribbed body construction, designed to withstand water hammer and surges in the pipe line.
  • Strong and smooth opening, drip-tight, stainless steel clamp closure.

New Pressure Check Assembly

  • Portable pressure check assembly
  • Enhances the life of pressure gauge
  • Will be available with all Gold series
  • For Eco model – order pressure check assembly separately

New Modifications: rubber cone at the apex of economy hydro cyclone filter

  • Prevents erosion and corrosion of the apex.
  • Improves life of hydro cyclone filter

Sand Separator

  • 95% of sand, silt & clay particles are removed effectively from water

Ball Valve – SU

  • Additional range, up to 75mm size.


Drip Kit – 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 sq.m

  • Compact ready to use kit
  • Neatly packed in box
  • Easy to use installation manual makes job easy.
  • Economical

Automation Systems for Green Houses: Why do we need it?

  • Maximizing yields
  • Quality improvement
  • Management improvement
  • Saving of direct inputs
  • Early alert of problems
  • Environment protection

(saving chemicals, fuel, water)


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