Solar Enviro is the leading supplier of Filters for Drip Irrigation Systems in Pune, Maharashtra (India). We have variety of Filters for Drip Irrigation Systems for different purposes, applications and crops at most affordable price. We supply such drip irrigation filters in all over India including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab & Haryana. The overall effectiveness of any drip irrigation system depends on the quality of components like drip filters. With our 20+ years of experience in drip irrigation industry, we have deep expertise in choosing right filters for a specific drip irrigation system.

Filter is an important component of filtration and fertigation module used in mid and large scale drip irrigation systems used for landscape, agriculture or polyhouse irrigation. High quality filters ensure that clean water flows in the irrigation lines and no physical impurity is present in the water. Physical impurity blocks the nozzles of the sprinklers and this may hamper effectiveness and quality of irrigation systems. Hence, to maintain the physical purity of the water, high quality drip filters for drip irrigation systems are suggested.

We deal in all types of components required for drip irrigation systems. We supply and use drip irrigation components (including filters for drip irrigation systems) of world renowned companies like Jain Irrigation, Hunter, Rainbird. We supply drip irrigation system for landscapes, agriculture, golf etc in Pune, Maharashtra or for that matter anywhere in India.

The price of the overall drip irrigation system and the components depend on the area of lawns & plantations and complexity of the project.


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