Solar Enviro is the leading supplier of fan and pad polyhouse / greenhouse in Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Greenhouses with fan and pad are the most effective from climate control point of view. The cooling effect achieved through fan and pad system keeps the temperature inside the greenhouse much lower than the outside temperature. In such greenhouses, the warm air in within the greenhouse is taken outside with the help of heavy duty fans and specially made pads. This ensures cooling effect and desired ventilation within the greenhouse. To maintain the humidity inside the greenhouse, high efficiency foggers are installed. Thus, temperature, air circulation and humidity are controlled with the help of covered greenhouse, fans, pads and foggers. The export quality vegetable, fruit and nursery plants are generally grown in greenhouses with fan and pad. Fan and pad type greenhouses are expensive as compared to other greenhouses, but they are highly effective.

Basic building blocks of our greenhouses are…

  • Structures
  • Covering
    • Polyethylene film
    • Corrugated / Multi wall polycarbonate sheet
  • Thermal and shading net
    • Shading screen
    • Aluminate thermal net / Shade net
  • Cooling System
    • Evaporative cooling pad
    • Exhaust fan
    • Air circulation fan

Samartha Greentech (the holding company of is principal supplier of greenhouses with fan and pad. If you are looking for supplier or vendor for construction of greenhouses with fan and pad, please do write us at or feel free to call on +91-9822001692.


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