We are the leading suppliers of Drip Irrigation System for Golf Course in Pune. We have all the experience and expertise required for design, implementation and commissioning of Drip Irrigation System for Golf Course. One of our major installations of such systems is Pune Golf Club.

G35B/ G70B/G75B: The ultimate in water conservation a large turf rotor for Golf courses offering low pressure, low precipitation , low operation costs.
  • Exclusive pressure port nuzzling.
  • Closed case rotor.
  • Available as Block models.
  • Truly uniform coverage.
  • Impact resistant flanged body.
  • Provides stability and protection.
  • G-35B/G-75B: Adjustable arc 4000 to 3600
  • Discharge range: 29 to 128 lpm.
  • Radius range: 5 to 23m.
  • Pressure range: 2.8 to 7.0 kg/cm2.
  • G70B – Full circle model
  • Yardage markes recessed area.

G835/ G870 / G875 / G880:

  • Total Top Serviceable (TTS) Premium Golf Rotors.
  • All components easily accessed without digging up surrounding turf.
  • Integrated valve assembly.
  • G835 / G875 – Adjustable are.
  • G870 / G880 – Full circle Model.
  • Discharge rage: 7lpm to 219 lpm.
  • Radius range: 5 to

Golf Controllers:

  • Essential computer based Central Irrigation Systems.
  • Provides full programming and control of a network of field controllers, decoder & sensors all from single locations.
  • Hardwire, Conventional two wire decoders Radio and Modem based communication capabilities.
  • Various levels of sophistication of central control software such as IMMS and Surveyor.

G-990 / G995: Easy adjustment, easy maintenance and performance that beats all other rotors in its class

  • Total top serviceable (TTs).
  • Available as Electric Values-in-Head and Cheek-o-matic.
  • 6 colors coded primary nozzles.
  • Truly uniform coverage and fast identification.
  • Exclusive pressure port nozzle with improved distribution uniformity.
  • Contamination resistant valve system.
  • Positive valve shutoff, extra protection from dirt and dirty water.
  • Discharge range: 130 to 284 lpm.
  • Radius range: 20 to 30m.
  • Pressure range: 5.5 to 8.0 kg/cm2.
  • G990 – Full circle Model.
  • G995 – Adjustable arc model.


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