We are the leading suppliers of drip irrigation system for Horticultural Crops in Pune, Maharashtra India. Horticultural Crops include all vegetables, fruits and flower plants. Each of the plant in these types is different and requires customized design drip irrigation system which can fulfill the demand of specific plant or crop type. We offer drip irrigation system for Horticultural Crops which includes product procurement, design, installation, testing and commissioning. The buyers of this type of Drip Irrigation Systems For Horticultural are price sensitive and hence we try to offer our system at most affordable price. We have supplied drip irrigation systems in almost all major states of India including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana.

Major Installations of Drip Irrigation System For Horticultural Crops include – Rise n Shine Floriculture & Tissue Culture Lab, Sunny’s World Resorts, Large Scale Farms (Banana, Pomegranate, Mango, Cashew Nut , Grapes, Cotton, All Vegetables) in all over Maharashtra.

We deal in drip irrigation systems of Jain, Hunter, Rainbird.

Conventionally, watering for agricultural, horticultural plantation was done using AGE OLD METHODS LIKE spray pipes. This involves high quantity of water and engages manpower, which inturn losses control over watering and increases the overall cost of irrigation. Its highly not recommended when it comes to large irrigation projects for horticulture. In case of drip irrigation system, precise water is given according to the requirement of the specific plant which in turn keeps the good quality of the soil and fertility of the landscape. Drip Irrigation System for Landscape includes piping, laterals, sprinklers, drippers, accessories and automation.


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