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We are principal suppliers of drip irrigation automation systems and drip irrigation accessories for Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We have supplied drip irrigation automation systems and accessories to number of reputed clients. With such automation and accessories for drip irrigation systems, one can achieve complete control over operations. Such systems are suitable for mid and big size drip irrigation projets. Our modern automation systems use microprocesser based circuits and computers for controling the water discharge, speed, timing, direction of jet etc.

Have a look at few controllers and accessories we generally use for drip irrigation automation. If you have any other specific need, please do contact us via email: info@dripirrigationsystems.in or call us at 9822001692.



  • 2, 4, 6 & 8 Stations indoor and our door models.
  • Easy Dial programming.
  • 3 programs with multiple start times.


  • Station output: 24 volt AC.
  • 8 station base unit controller.
  • Expands to 48 stations.
  • 3 programs with multiple start times.
  • Station our put: 24 volt AC. And many more controller range, like I-core/ ACC/ ACC Decoder.

Golf Controllers:

  • Essential computer based Central Irrigation Systems.
  • Provides full programming and control of a network of field controllers, decoder & sensors all from single locations.
  • Hardwire, Conventional two wire decoders Radio and Modem based communication capabilities.
  • Various levels of sophistication of central control software such as IMMS and Surveyor.

Computers for agriculture


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