Drip Irrigation Systems

We are drip irrigation system suppliers, rooftop solar system suppliers, solar water heater suppliers & greenhouse suppliers in Pune (India) with over 20 years of experience. We are engaged in the business of drip irrigation systems, solar systems and greenhouses related products & services and believe in providing efficient systems for urban and agricultural development. The products and services offered by us include Solar Power Products, Drip Irrigation Systems, Green Houses and Turnkey Solutions for the same.

Our business operations are led by Mr. Ajit Galvankar, who has with him extensive domain experience and industry expertise. His experienced service approach as well as strong support teams of experienced industry professionals has helped us establish our presence in the Solar Power, Drip Irrigation and Greenhouse installation business.

Rooftop Solar Systems

Solar Enviro is one of the leading suppliers of rooftop solar systems having its clients in Pune, Maharahstra, Karnataka, Gujarat, MP and other parts of India. We are specialized in requirement analysis, solution design, supply and installation of different rooftop solar systems. We are backed with the team of solar energy experts capable of handling any project involving use of solar energy products.

We are the leading suppliers of rooftop solar systems, rooftop solar water heaters and turnkey solar power solutions in Pune. Our clients are spread all over India. Solar energy, a type of non conventional energy source is the answer to today’s adverse situation of power / electricity shortage as well as increasing retail cost of power / electricity. Solar energy can be used in two ways – 1. To generate heat and use it for heating purpose like in water heaters and 2. To generate electricity using photovoltaic phenomena and use the electricity to operate different devices like solar pumps, solar lighting etc.

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