Greenhouse with Polycarbonate Sheet

Traditionally, Greenhouses are made with either glass or plastic polycarbonate. Polycarbonate sheets are preferred over its glass counterpart since polycarbonate is easy to install, offers design flexibility and its surface does not deteriorate prematurely. In addition, it also allows around 90% light transmission and is up to 40 times tougher than ordinary glass.

At Solar Enviro, we construct greenhouses with polycarbonate sheet in thickness ranging from 4mm to 10mm in clear, blue, green, brown and milky colours.

Shade house

A shade house, also known commonly as a net house, is a structure enclosed by nets or other material and regulates the entry of sunlight, air and moisture. It has gaps that allow only a fraction of the light, heat and moisture to enter the shaded area. This helps to create a favourable environment for growth of plants.

Shade houses are used in cultivation of spices, vegetables, medicinal plants and certain kinds of fruits that need regulated heat, light and moisture. It protects the plants from natural weather disturbances such as rain and snow and also protects the crops against pest attacks and bird droppings.

Tunnel Shade

A Tunnel Shade is a type of shade house that is built in a tunnel form. This can be either in the form of a single span or multi-span (longer) greenhouses. This type of a greenhouse is incredibly popular since it can be used in all climatic conditions and is substantially cheaper to maintain and operate.

At Solar Enviro, we construct Tunnel Shades that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The mats are made from polyethylene fabrics that do not shrink.


A polyhouse is a type of greenhouse that is made with polythene, a tough and light synthetic material generally used in packaging. Some polyhouses have a centralized ventilation system that is particularly helpful for production of Roses, Carnations and other flowers.

At Solar Enviro, we will be happy to build a polyhouse as per your requirements. Visit our website page to know more about our Customised Polyhouse Structures

Polyhouse with Fan and Pad System

This is polyhouse that has externals fans and pads that help ventilate the covered area. This is particularly helpful to control the moisture and temperate inside the polyhouse. The fans are placed on one side of the polyhouse and the pads are placed on the opposite end.

The area near the pads is the coolest since cold air passes from the pads on towards the polyhouse, then onwards towards the fans. At the other end, the fans act as an exhaust and throw out the hot air. This system is particularly helpful in lowering the temperature and humidity of the polyhouse.

At Solar Enviro, we provide a wide range of services for Greenhouse construction. Not only do we advice you on the soil, water availability and climatic conditions, but also on the type of polyhouse most suitable to you and the post construction repair and maintenance charges.

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