In August 2014, the Delhi Electricity Regulation Commission (DERC) introduced a novel and innovative way to address its long standing issue of frequent power cuts. They have now decided to allow domestic consumers to contribute to the national electricity grid from their rooftop solar panels. This helps the government increase production of electricity and also helps the consumers make extra money by generating and supplying electricity to the national grid.

The DERC Chairman, Mr. P.D. Sudhakar has mentioned that generating solar energy is a major focus area and that they have come up with a comprehensive plan of how domestic and commercial consumers can setup these rooftop solar panels and earn more money. Consumers will have an option to contribute their surplus elecrticity generated to the grid at market rates by net-metering, which is a bi-directional meter that takes into account the electricity consumed and contributed to the grid. The consumer pays or receives the net amount.

The new guidelines for installing solar rooftops in Delhi have now been set by the DERC. The registration process is split into three parts – (i) Feasibility Analysis (ii) Registration and (iii) Connection Agreement. Once the registration is complete, the rooftop solar plant must be connected to the grid in a period not exceeding twelve months. The DERC has also decided that if the consumer contributes to the national grid, the power distribution company will reimburse the consumer at the Average Power Purchase Cost (APPC), at the end of every year. This amount is around Rs. 5 per unit presently.

Read the official DERC Proposal on Net-Metering of Solar Rooftops

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